Meet mOOver Sienna Schreiber

Meet mOOver Sienna Schreiber


“Active recovery is very important for any collegiate athlete, but in gymnastics, there is so much impact from us flipping and landing constantly. OOFOS help me to compete at my best.”

Her Background

Sienna Schreiber has always been a mover. By age two, Sienna would run around the house and climb all over the furniture, leaving her mother no choice but to sign her up for toddler gymnastics. At the age of 7, the Georgia native entered her very first competition. Sienna quickly fell in love with the sport and more specifically, the Balance Beam.

Fighting Gravity

A typical gymnast will compete not just in one event, but 4 different events at each competition; the balance beam, a floor routine, the uneven bars, and vault. Each of these events provide their own physical and mental challenge, but they all have one thing in common- the landing. To “stick the landing” the athlete must not only control the momentum of their body in the air, but disperse the forces from the ground into their body as their feet meet the mat. 

"This is why active recovery is so important." 

Experiencing OOFOS

Sienna’s first interaction with OOFOS came her freshman year, when she noticed her coaches and the older gymnasts wearing them after practice and around school. Soon after, she received her first pair from a teammate. 

Sienna sliding into Latte OOahhs

Active Recovery On Campus

Due to her 19 years of experience with gymnastics, Sienna has had a history of constant back pain that flares up when she stands too long or walks far distances. Sienna walks roughly 1.2 miles to get from her classes in the Industrial Engineering building to practice in the gymnastics arena. The entire 1,262 acre campus is made up of hard, cement- like surfaces, which can cause wear and tear on your body. With OOfoam™ technology absorbing 37% of impact from the body, Sienna’s back and ankles can de-load when not competing.

Sienna stretching

Focusing On A Better Tomorrow

As Sienna enters her senior season this Fall, her goal is to stay healthy and focus on the small details of her sport. She believes in the little things necessary to perfect her routines, even the processes you don’t see that are behind the scenes. 

She hopes to become an All-American, once again, and lead her team to national championships. 

Sienna sliding into OOFOS OOlalas